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Friday, April 28, 2006


Cause this is not going to be a long post nor an interesting one. I'm at home...can't really say I'm alone since Gord is in his room sleeping and the Dude is purring on my hip with chin on arm, but Steve isn't here. He's gone out for a bachelor party-type evening. Well, let me clear that up because by that it sounds like he's at the rippers. He had to miss his friends bachelor party last weekend so tonight he is going out with him and a few others who also missed the festivities, to play some pool and do some drinking.

Steve said he wouldn't be drinking tonight but brought the Focus instead of the Impala in the unlikely event he had to cab it home at leave the car at the bar. Hmmm, I know what that means. I'm going to hear him wretching at 4 in the morning. Hee hee, just kidding, sorry for the visual. However, given that Steve has had the fortunate opportunity to sleep in from time to time (since he works from home some days), we made an agreement that it would only be fair if I got to sleep in tomorrow (because I drool worse than Gord when I see Steve slumbering in bed). I told him as he left to keep in mind that he has to get up bright and early with Gordie and allow me to sleep in. I don't want to take any chances with sorry excuses being thrown around. No, no. I've been looking forward to this one and I won't let my chance slip away. I just know though that come tomorrow morning, Steve will happily get up and take Gord downstairs, but then the worst thing is going to happen. Murphy (you know, that guy who wrote all those silly laws) is going to prevent me from falling back to sleep. I already know this is going to happen. Ah well. Being in bed will be nice enough I guess.

Well, this post has gotten longer than I expected. I'm not too interested in the t.v. and will probably head off to bed soon. My gosh, the froshies at the university haven't even started pre-drinking for their night at the bars yet. You know you're old when...

Have a good one all.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

I was just a little girl when I laid my eyes on him for the first time. I think it was a combination of his good looks, the navy uniform he was wearing and all of the fighter jet action that stole my heart. I distinctly remember being at my Dad's house and looking forward to watching Top Gun...for the gazillionth time. Top Gun has been my favourite movie ever since, I have watched it soooooo many times that I have most of the script memorized, from "Good morning Scott" to "It's looking good so far". Tom Cruise became the star I pined for (with a bit of room saved for Joey-Joe from New Kids of course!). I thought he was irresistably handsome, nice, and down to earth. I anticipated every new movie release and bought many of the ones he starred in and watched them repeatedly and whenever I needed a "Tom fix".

Needless to say, the events in the passed year involving "TomKat", "TomKitten", and his newly exposed couch hopping hobby, have left me speechless. I feel like I wasted so much time swooning over this closet lunatic. MI-3 is about to be released, and while I really look forward to seeing it, I just don't have the same gusto for it as I normally would have. *Sigh*. What a letdown. MY WHOLE LIFE PEOPLE!!!! Ugh. I'm gonna need a new fixation, one that won't disappoint me in this way. Any suggestions?

As for Steve, he couldn't be happier...

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The flower chronicles and…HE DID IT, 3 TIMES!!!!

Well, let’s start with the most exciting news: Gord rolled over for the first time today! It was so amazing being witness to this grand baby feat. I put him on his playmat for some usual tummy time, which I thought would end like normal in a total of one minute after he got tired and frustrated. But much to my surprise he was enjoying his tummy time. And even more, he was much better at it today. He held his head extremely high while the drool rolled down his chin onto the fuzzy blanket, and he was pushing up with his arms instead of his chest like he usually does. I put his wrist rattle just out of reach so it would keep him interested. I guess he really wanted it because with a push with his arm he rolled onto his side (this was so cute cause for a few seconds he was just stuck there on his side), but his weight soon did the rest of the work and he swiftly rolled onto his back toward the rattle. I was soooooooo excited! Of course, Serious Gord was his usual self and had no fantastic expression on his face that would give any clue to the incredible act he had just accomplished for the first time. So I got excited for him. A little while later I put him back on his tummy and low and behold he did it again! And of course when Steve got home he wanted to see the little man in action so we put him on his tummy and he immediately rolled, as if he had been doing it his whole life, what a pro! ;) We tried for a fourth time tonight but as much as he tried he couldn’t do it. That or he was sick of us putting him on his tummy and was on to the fact that we were doing it to see him roll over. Either way, we are very happy for him and the date is marked it my baby book.

As for the flower chronicles, I have good news and bad news. Not so much bad news as annoying news because, well, you’ll see.

The good news: After the frantic worry that my hard work was a real waste due to the early bloom and horrible environmental conditions which followed, THE FLOWERS HAVE BLOOMED! And they actually look pretty beautiful. I couldn’t be happier about this…well wait, yes I could because of the annoying part: the flowers are MINI !!! Last fall I bought two big mixed packages of spring bulbs. They contained tulips, daffodils and some purple flower I can’t remember the name of (you can see them in the pics). But I must have forgotten to read the small print on the box (which I can only assume was there for legal reasons…because people like me would love to sue due to the deception), the print which stated that the flowers in the box were mini versions of what was shown on the box. Tulips and daffodils in my mind should get to a full height of about a foot. As you can see in my pics (in which I cleverly use my hand as a scale reference…ah Kim, you brilliant girl you…) the flowers are about 6 inches tall. Ho-hum. I was disappointed at first to say the least. The tulips when open during the day don’t even look like tulips. But ya know what, I guess it’s okay. All I wanted was for the flowers to bloom and they did. And they actually look really pretty. And I think the tulips I planted in the front by the road are going to be the real deal…I’ll keep you posted to this page-turner of a story (please note sarcasm).

So, I’ve had the opportunity to make this post while sitting outside in the setting sun. It is a gorgeous evening and I hope you are all enjoying it as well. I wish there was some device where I could instantly find out what everyone I know is doing at the same moment as me…oh wait, that’s called a phone…but ya know what I mean, without actually disrupting what they’re doing. Okay, I’m weird I know. Anyway, hope you’re all having fun. I’m gonna go enjoy the rest of my evening, watch America’s Next Top Model and have some strawberry shortcake. Mmmmmmm…..

Thursday, April 13, 2006

You can't know the sweet without the sour

I came down with a cold this past weekend. Thought it was allergies at first, but nope, it was a cold. I'm okay now of course, luckily for me it didn't last long. I attribute this to the gallons of water and daily vitamins I take. Ever since I was pregnant I really have never been healthier and hardly ever get sick, so I was kind of surprised and disappointed when I came down with this cold. I guess I'm human after all, ho-hum... To BRIEFLY bring up breastfeeding again, the one thing that does suck about it is that if you do get sick, there's really nothing you can take for nasal decongestants anyway, which is what you usually end up needing the most...grrr...there, that's the end of that.

Steve has mentioned about the recent Gord shenanigans, his refusal to go down in his crib to nap, and how when he finally did fall asleep, it would only be for forty minutes. These few days were hell, and it was such an unusual change in his behavior. It's funny though, it coincided with his discovery of new voice noises and squeals, which are just the cutest! Well, I gotta say, the last few days have been getting MUCH better. He goes for naps with little to no fuss, and for the past two days has had at least one of the naps in the day lasting 2 1/2 hours. The one yesterday I actually had to wake him up from because it was going to interfere with his next nap of the day. A couple of nights ago he even graced us with an 8 1/2 hour stretch and then woke up for the day at 7:30...beautiful! But last night we had some company over to play poker (Steve's sis and her boyfriend). I cleaned up the first game, and Steve the was fun! ;) Gord, like we've mentioned before, somehow KNOWS when we are having fun. It was about 10pm (Gord was in bed since 7:30) and I was sipping on a delicious chocolate martini Steve made when I heard the stirring noises through the monitor that send immediate shock waves down my spine. I had to feed him... and then again at 12... and then again at 3... and then again at 5... and then he was up for the day at 7:30 today. Who wants to guess if I'm tired? anyone?...anyone?...

But this is all normal baby behavior and I have to remind myself of that sometimes so I don't really worry or stress about it too much. He's such a good baby, I know we have it good. And he is just so darn CUTE all the time! I'll try to get some more pics up real soon (Steve is still "working"* on the computer).

*Note: "working" means that the computer is still sitting on the desk upstairs with a bunch of stuff connected to it, collecting dust, and waiting for a magical computer fairy to come in and wave her wand to fix it.

It's a beautiful day outside and I still got some naptime left to myself. Ciao.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Being on the downslope

If I were a senior living in London, I'd be a little perturbed. As Steve and I were driving around the city in one of our long car rides with Gord, we passed by a senior's centre. In the front of the building they have one of those signs where each little black letter is posted know, the kind that little hooligans love to go and change into obscene words in the middle of the night (eg. A fish market that has a sign reading "We have fresh bass here" suddenly becomes "We have fresh ass here" by get the idea) . This is what was posted on the sign:

"Get your affairs in order seminar April 27"

I mean how depressing! The sign might as well have read: "PREPARE TO DIE seminar April 27". At least then it probably would have caught more senior's attention. I just couldn't help but kind of be shocked by it. I mean yes, of course it is something the elders of our society need to think about, but it just sounded so blunt. Like, hey geezers, get everything ready now cause you might bite the biscuit tomorrow. Just a little too much of a downer for my liking. Maybe it's just me.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A case of infant bullemia

Okay, so I took a little hiatus. I knew it would happen at some point and I apologize for not posting in so long. Since our laptop has been "out of order", I have to now snag Steve's work one when he is momentarily away (like right now since he's in the shower).

Right to my headline (since I'm sure you're all confused), I have a concern that Gord has infant bullemia. Of course I'm joking, but if there WAS such thing as infant bullemia, I'd be starting to be concerned that Gord has it and re-thinking all the references we make to his "chubby" cheeks and thighs... Gordie-pie (my favourite nickname for him followed by Gordie-poops), has taken to chewing on his hands obsessively, to the point where we think he might be teething (given the accompanying drool and crankiness). He sometimes seems to get his whole fist in (no joke) and I've sometimes actually considered that maybe he could go on the Letterman show in the "Stupid human tricks" segment one day. But as he is growing bigger and bigger by day, his hands are following suit, naturally. His fingers are getting looooooong. Do you see what I'm getting at? When he sticks his fingers in his mouth now, the fingers reach so far back that it stimulates the gag reflex and it literally looks like he's doing a dry-heave. A couple of times, including early this morning on the change table, he has induced vomiting after eating because of this action. Aye-aye-aye!

In other news, (and I have to make this brief because Steve is out of the shower), I had a great birthday. I got my first "mommy" card from Gord and it brought tears to my eyes. I have it on the fridge now and I'll NEVER throw it out. Thanks to all who were there and all the birthday wishes! Well, unfortunately I do have to go but I'll try to post more updates soon. I'm sorry I haven't commented on anyone's blog lately, I haven't read them in days and am going to make a great effort to do some catching up tonight. I'm looking forward to seeing what you have all been up to. Well so long for now folks!