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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Warning: You might be reading a blog post

I was in a drug store the other day (don't worry Mom, it was the "good" kind of drug store), and I had some time to kill while I awaited a prescription refill. I love to peruse the drug store, they have so many fascinating products!

Well, I just happen to come across the sunscreen aisle and saw a bottle called "BabyFaces". What caught my eye about it was the fact that it was a spray bottle. 'How ingenious' I thought, an easy way to apply sunscreen to a baby. I picked up the bottle and read the back. Under directions, it said "Do not spray directly on face". I thought about this a minute and thought it somewhat unusual that a spray bottle of sunscreen called Baby FACES could not be used on the face. I understand the logic, but just saw some irony in the whole thing.

Anyway, the point is that it reminded me of the time I bought a big-ass bulk bag of BBQ peanuts. I don't really know why I bought it since it was the biggest bag of peanuts I'd ever seen (Dad, you would have become dehydrated from drooling if you saw it), but you kind of get sucked in to buying products like that if you have a membership at Costco or Sam's Club, which I did at the time. One day after getting some peanuts, I flipped over the bag to do some reading while I snacked away. And there it was...the funniest thing I had ever seen written on a product:

CAUTION: May contain nuts.

MAY contain nuts? MAY CONTAIN NUTS?! If it wasn't nuts in there, then what exactly was I eating? You've GOT to be kidding me! What brainiac thought it necessary to include this warning on a 20 lb bag of NUTS?! All I've got to say is, I pity the person with a nut allergy who needed to read that warning before deciding whether to buy it.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Has anyone seen my pocket protector?

So if you've read Steve's most recent blog post (which probably left you with a feeling equivalent to finding your pet fish 'Wiggles' floating belly-up in the tank), you know that I went to a bridal shower for a friend of mine today. I could go into how the whole thing was cut short, but that's not what I want to discuss here. Instead, I'd rather talk about what a moron I think I am sometimes.

To start, let me just say that I didn't know anybody at the shower other than the bride-to-be. It wasn't long after I arrived though, that the "shower games" began. The second game we played dealt with catchy commercial phrases. Basically, we were each individually handed a piece of paper with about 20 slogans on them and you had to name what product each phrase was associated with (or fill in a blank). For example: "Eat the red ones last" is courtesy of Smarties, and "Silly rabbit, ____ is for kids" would be Trix. During the course of the game, people began chatting with eachother about the questions and as is always inevitable at these shower games, were looking to their neighbours for help with answers. What is wrong with this? NOTHING! Yet my first thought was 'Oh man, I hope nobody asks me', and 'what do I say if I'm asked?'. Laugh now. Can you believe it? IT'S A FREAKING SHOWER GAME, I'M SUCH A LOSER!!!! It's not that I cared about winning the game, I just thought that it felt so wrong if we were to cheat. Of course, I convinced myself moments after that it is alright to cheat in such an innocent situation, and began to divulge my answers with those nearby. I think the anti-cheating philosophy that I held so valuable in school (because I think cheating yourself or others out of a true education is such a disservice to society) is still deeply ingrained in my mind. Gotta learn when it's okay to let that go. It was on the ride home that I actually thought about it and had a good laugh at myself. Which I needed, since I had to leave before the food came out...grrrrr.... ;)

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Is it just me or is it getting hot in here?

For the record, I wasn't whining and if I didn't get to stake claim about writing about it my next post was going to center on the strange "crop circle-like" marks left on my impressionable skin from Steve's laptop. Thank me now for winning that argument. Although I have to admit that it has taken me longer than anticipated to recount the tale. I apologize to all those who have grown impatient with know who you are *wink*.

So, on Monday Gord experienced for the first time what my world mostly revolves around (or did before Gord came along)...SOLID FOOD! About a week prior I had purchased the necessities required for this special event: a box of rice cereal and some cute Gerber spoons. I already had a John Deere dinner set including bowl that was given to us as a gift. Steve and I had been pretty set on waiting the full six months, which is only next week, but for some reason we just decided that Monday would be the day. I think it was a combination of having the supplies on hand, knowing we were SO close to him being six months anyway, and a slight hope that a spoonful of liquid cereal would magically act as a baby sedative, allowing him to get a full 8 hours of sleep (of course if this happened we would not allow him to operate any heavy machinery). So in the late afternoon I mixed up a spoonfull of cereal with some breastmilk. After mixing it in, it was really runny and pretty much like a milky soup. I don't know why, but I expected the rice cereal to be flaky or something, maybe with raisins and nut clusters, something that would go good with milk. But I was suprised that it was just a plain white powder. Solid food...kind of a misnomer for this stuff if you ask me.

We got Gord set up in his high chair and brought over the goods. I offered Steve the honour of being able to offer Gord his first bite of solid food since I had been the one feeding him since he was born. But he declined so I could take that pleasure and got set up with the camera. Up came the spoon and to his mouth and......he slurped it up great! More and more spoonfulls also went down, his throat and his chin. Every time I would get a new spoonfull, his head would raise and his mouth would open like a little bird. It was so cute! He stopped eating after a short time and we classified the event as a success. We think he burped most of it up shortly afterwards, but that's okay. We gave him some more yesterday but this time we made it with formula and also made it a little thicker. He ate it, but didn't seem as pleased with it as the day before. We're atributing this to the fact that it was made with formula which isn't as sweet (Steve also thought it didn't taste as good ;) )

So goes the story of Gord and his first bites of "solid food". But so far, no miracle cure for the sleeping. We didn't really think it would though. But the adventures with all the food to come is very exciting to me. I'm glad I have my rusty trusty instruction book to help me figure out what to do. Without it Gord might have started with my all-time favourite, steak and perogies! Soon Gordie-pie, soon.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Sound check in isle seven...

Well, I'll try not to bore you while catching you up at the same time. It kinda sucks that Steve beat me to the blogging because now I just have to reiterate a few things (in my superior perspective of course!).

Sunday. Mother's Day. My first one. And it couldn't have went better. I awoke to a drooling baby hovering over me. Don't worry, it was MY baby. I got to sleep in till 7:30 and Steve brought up Gord and a hot cup of decaf coffee to wake me up. Good way to start the day. My mom came in by bus on Friday night so it was nice to be able to wish her a happy mother's day in person for a change. I also got some awesome mother's day gifts from Gord and Steve. Gord got me a really cute "mom" picture frame with a picture of me holding Gordie in the hospital shortly after he was born. It brought back so many emotions of that day. And Steve got me some pajamas and bakingware that I had been wanting. My first mission with the springform pan (which was one of the items): dark and white chocolate marble cheesecake with chocholate oat and hazelnut crust.

Sunday was also a big day because it was Gord's christening. Dave and Tam (the Godparents) arrived in the early afternoon. I know there are already pictures posted of this event but I have to post some of my own! There were five babies getting christened in a non-mass ceremony. The priest began the service by stating that you shouldn't get upset if your baby starts screaming because he can talk much louder than they can scream. This somehow put me at ease since Gord was due for a nap and was becoming increasingly agitated. But in just moments he fell asleep. All five babies were baptised without so much as a peep from any of them. The priest couldn't recount a more peaceful baptism ceremony, stating that there is usually one "reluctant christian" who voices their opinion loudly. This comment made me chuckle. I could just picture the inner voice of this "reluctant christian" baby as its scalp gets moistened..."NO! For the love of god, NO!" (no pun intended...well, yes, totally intended). We had the family and friends back to our place for some finger food and BBQ chicken. It was a great day.

My mom stayed until this morning to get her Gord fix. We went shopping a couple of times, but mostly stayed around the house. She was able to watch Gord while Steve and I went out for our first dinner date since January. It wasn't a long date by any means, but it was nice nonetheless. We had a romantic dinner at one of our favourite nice restaurants 'Copperfields', and we even wore perfume and special!

Now that we are all caught up, I can fill you in on a little bit of today's events. I decided to go grocery shopping for some of the ingredients for my cheesecake. Gord loves to be in the grocery store, he is so good and just stares at all of the things in the isles. Today, he decided that the big store would be a good place to excercise his vocal chords. He wasn't crying...just talking...loudly. I could here his voice echoing off the walls. One woman even commented "quite a big voice for such a little guy". I responded "I know, I think I'm going to be in for it". Her response: laughter, as if she knew exactly what I would be in for and was glad it wasn't her. But I couldn't help it, I thought it was cute.

As I wheel Gord through the grocery store, I usually give him a running commentary of what I'm doing or where we're going. Usually there aren't many people in the isles as I'm doing this. But I've become so accustomed to it, that I didn't seem to notice the many people standing around the dairy section as we picked up some cream. Somewhere in the middle of me telling him what we had gotten already and what we needed from the list, I became suddenly aware of the people standing around me in silence, listening to my every word. I have to admit, I was a little embarrased. Almost as much as the time I walked around the whole grocery store in a great mood drinking a cafe mocha, only to get back to the car, look in the rearview mirror at myself and realize that I had chocolate remnants in the corner of my mouth. D'oh!

Another thing that comes to mind that I want to share, is Gord's new interest in the Dude. They are slowly becoming friends. Gord got to pet him for the first time the other day (surprisingly the Dude didn't bolt). Once Gord's hand touched his fur, he gave the hugest smile! The next time he put his hands deep in the fur and then clenched his fist so he could grab it (I know, I know, this is going to pose a problem sometime soon). Everytime the Dude comes around, Gord just stares at him and watches where he goes...waiting to get that next touch. I think it's so cute but I'm very careful that the Dude doesn't pull any funny business. Personally, I think he's just as interested, getting a good sniff of Gord's head whenever possible. I think they're going to be great friends soon and as you can see, Gord is going to have a new mode of transportation before he can walk ;)

Anyway, that's about all I got. Hope everyone's got a good long weekend in store for them.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

I'm worse than The Dude...

Steve and his sis left last night at around 5:30ish to head to the Pearl Jam concert in T.O. I had two boys to look after, Gord (duh!) and Rielly my nephew who's 6. He's always a ball of energy, but fun to have around, and a really great kid. And the nice part is, he goes to bed really early. So by 7:40 I had both boys tucked into bed (well, one a crib actually) and I had the house and evening to myself. Yee-haw!

I did the usual internet thing, catching up on blogs etc., but I was really anxious for the exciting night of T.V. that awaited me: America's Next Top Model followed by a new episode of LOST. By the time LOST started it was getting late by my new standards (9pm) was obviously dark outside and the house was quiet. For those of you that are LOST fans, you know just how suspenseful it has been getting. The title music is erie in itself! Halfway through the episode I came to a conclusion: LOST is scary. At least it is to watch alone at night. With all the crazy new developments in the show, I was on edge. I actually thought to myself "how scary does a show have to be before it's too scary to put on T.V.?". I mean, I can normally watch some scary stuff, but forget it if I'm by myself. I still remember living back at home in Sudbury and if I was ever at home alone at night and decided I wanted to watch Unsolved Mysteries (a show I used to love), by the end of the show I would be paralyzed on the couch afraid to even look up the stairs for fear a crazy madman would be standing at the top. And come on, Robert Stack's voice alone was enough to send chills up the spine! Anyway, I enjoyed the show as always but was a little jittery when it ended. When I went to bed I actually was wide awake for awhile and thought I kept hearing things on our deck in the backyard. I'm embarrassed to say I was planning my escape with Gord and Rielly if someone actually started to break in! WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH ME?! All over's not even scary...really.

Make fun of me if you must.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

The moment every mother doesn't wait for...and other info

Let me set the stage. It was a sunny and warm Sunday, early evening, and after a wonderful day out in London at the mall, out to lunch, followed by a relaxing car ride sipping iced cappacinos while Gord napped in the back, we were at home and preparing to start Gord's naptime routine. Other than his one long nap in the car, he didn't nap very well today and was getting sleepy quite early. It was 5:45 and upstairs we went to begin it all. I'm sure Steve's mentioned it before: the feed, the bath, the massage and dress, and the bedtime.

We noticed while he ate that some of his nails were getting long. So Steve thought we could try to cut them in the bath while he was more relaxed and his nails were soft. Okay. So in his bath he went (Gord that is, in case you're not following very well) and happy as a clam he was. Steve ran down and got the nail clippers and then started to clip his toe nails while I washed him down (Again, Gord that is). Steve started complaining that it was hard to do it and he wasn't in a good position. So of course, I step up to the plate and tell him to hand me the clippers. After all, I have become really great at clipping his nails (however, I must mention that I have never done it in the bath. This is a really important point to make right now). I start with his fingernails and see what Steve is talking about. When the nails are wet, the ends lose their nice distinguishable white colour making it harder to see where to cut them. I know you already know where this is going. I slide the clippers into position on his left thumb nail and press down. I immediately realize that the consistency of what is being cut is not that of a fingernail. Crying commences. Gord confirms what I already know...I've cut his skin. His sob breaks my heart. The moment every mother DOESN'T wait for: when they unintentionally inflict pain on their child. Needless to say I feel like poo. I try to make myself feel better by recalling the other moms in my moms group recount similar tales. But it doesn't really help. And after Steve makes sure I'm not totally destroyed, he starts with his usual therapy tactics...ridicule.

The moral of the story: Don't cut a baby's nails in the bath. Nuff said.

Onto other news: I'll try to make these brief clipits. (Is clipits a word? If not, then COOL, I made up a new word!)

Gord cute: The other day I went into Gord's room to get him after his nap. I walked in and realized it felt a little cold. I looked into Gord's crib and watched him smile. Then as I was holding his hands he did the CUTEST thing. He literally went "brrrrr" while his whole body shuddered! I mean it, he made the "brrrrrr" sound. So cute.

Gord frustrating: So now Gord can also roll from his back to his tummy. But he has forgotton how to roll from his tummy to his back unfortunately. So now he just rolls to his tummy and starts crying until we roll him back, after which he proceeds to roll back onto his tummy. And on and on it goes. It'll be nice when he can do both all by himself but then I'm told they'll make it across a room in a matter of seconds!

Gord sick??: (this one not for those with weak stomachs or who hate talk of poo) Tonight I changed Gord's diaper and noticed a couple little streaks of blood in the poo. We immediately googled this and looked it up in our book, and it seems that it is likely due to an "anal fissure" that may be caused from straining. He was grunting a lot before his 'movement' so maybe that's it. Regardless, the doctor is being called tomorrow just to be sure. I'll let you know what she says. Steve of course took pictures of the diaper in question, but don't worry, I won't subject you to this like Steve would.

Gord owes me!: As you may have read, Steve won Pearl Jam tickets for this coming Wednesday's show in T.O. Would love to go (OF COURSE!) but there's this little interfering factor named Gord. Gord has taken to chewing his bottles instead of drinking from them and also had a bad screaming bout last time we left him after he went to bed. SO, this means I (the milk machine) has to be on hand (or at least nearby) in case of such incident. While I am sad not to see Pearl Jam, I know that if I went I would just be stressed out about him the whole time anyway and I just wouldn't end up having a great time. I'll be much happier sitting here watching my America's Next Top Model and knowing my little Gordikins is sleeping tightly upstairs (that one's for you Lyndsay! ;) ).

Back to the basics: Got fed up with my roots and went back to a darker shade of hair. Was going for kind of a rich brown but it came out looking dark with a tad of red. Which is okay by me because I like having red in my hair anyway. I'll post a pic as soon as I get one.

I'm spent. That is a long enough one for you guys I guess. Off to make the most of my evening and wallow in my misery. A nice big bag of Doritos should do the trick.