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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Another great experience at Wal-Mart

My mom and I were shopping in Wal-Mart yesterday and I was searching for a large wicker basket. I found some small ones but could not locate any that were the size I needed. I finally gave up and we headed to the check-out with our cart full of assorted items. The girl working the cash was young, probably around 20, give or take a year or two. As she began to scan our items, she looked up at me and said "Did you find everything okay today?" A required question by all Wal-Mart cashiers. I pounced on the opportunity.

"Well actually, no I didn't."

Cashier: "..."

"I was looking for a large wicker basket"

Cashier: (cocking head to the side with a perplexed look on face) "What's a wicker basket?"

Not knowing how to answer this question: "It's a...basket...made of wicker."

Cashier: "..." Looks as if her brain has just blown a fuse.

"It's a basket...looks woven..." I don't really know where to go from here. If she doesn't know what a wicker basket is, I don't think a long-winded description is going to help much.

Cashier: (in Bill Lumbergh style) "Um, yaaa...I don't think we have those".

Me: "..."

So that was it. She didn't call anybody to help me out. She didn't even know that in fact they DO sell wicker baskets. I ask, what is the point of asking this question if they really don't care what the answer is?


Enter washroom to change Gord's bum. The change table is located just outside the wheelchair accessible washroom. Someone is in this stall and as we stroll up to the change table the only thing to be heard was this:

"Oh great!" Shuffle shuffle. "This is terrible! Just terrible!" Groans. "Jesus. This is just great". Shuffle shuffle. And so on.

My mom and I exchanged fearful looks. A woman finally emerged from the washroom. Acted normal. Walked up to the sink, applied some lipstick and talked to Gord. All I kept thinking was, "please don't come near him or think of touching him". I don't know what I expected to see when the woman came out, but I didn't think it would be pretty.

Just a weird experience. Very, very weird.

Friday, August 11, 2006

The next adventure

Some of you don't know that while I was on vacation in Florida I applied for a job at the University of Western Ontario (the only place I've been associated with both in school and work for the past eight years). I got a call while in Florida to go for an interview so the day after I came back, while still recovering from an exhausting trip back home, I braved an hour-and-a-half interview. I got the call yesterday to tell me that they were offering me the job. Hmmm...what to do... I was reminded about my brother's blog post where he relived all of the different paths he had chosen to take in his life and wondered where he might be had he opted for another route.

Here was my fork in the road. On the one side, a journey into a new job. Putting Gord into daycare and giving up my role as the stay-at-home mom. It would bring me into a larger social circle again that wouldn't involve speaking at an octave higher than I was ever meant to, and back to an environment I've always loved being in. On the other side, I would stay at home with Gord, run out of EI and fall into a pit of poverty. We would resort to finding crumbs in Gord's highchair for food and playing with Gord's toys for entertainment (oh wait, we already do that).
So after much deliberation, I accepted the position.

In all seriousness folks, I'm totally excited to start my new job. I start at the end of the month (on the 28th) and am working as a lab technician for two third-year laboratory courses. An added perk is that Steve and I will be able to have lunch and/or coffee breaks together very often given his frequent campus visits. Yay! It has all been very sudden and a little stressful when I think of all the things to do. The biggest concern of course is Gordon. We have to get him into daycare asap. He is second on the list at one of them and we have to go for a tour there next week. Please keep your fingers crossed for us.

I was sitting in bed last night thinking of the first day I would have to bring him to daycare and how horrible it is going to be to walk out the door seeing him being taken care of by strangers. It made me very emotional and I started to tear up. And that's just at the thought! Those workers are going to have to pry my fingers from the door I think. I'll have to go armed with a box of Kleenex, that's one thing I know for sure.

So yup, that's my big news.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

It was only a dream

I remember a lot of my dreams. More often than not, I wake up in the morning and begin to think about all of the strange things I dreamt that night. And there's usually multiple dreams to remember. When I was a teenager, my dreams were often scary, usually featuring some evil paranormal being of some kind, my house being haunted etc. It was so bad that Steve, who was my boyfriend at the time, bought me a dreamcatcher to hang in my window (I still consider it to be one of the sweetest gifts he's ever given to me).

I used to have a lot of dreams where I was being chased as well. You know the kind; someone in fast pursuit behind you, yet you can only move as if you're running submerged in a body of water. I always really hated those ones. And the weirdest types of dreams are the lucid dreams, when you know that you are dreaming and have a certain kind of control over what happens. I have these a lot too. A couple of weeks ago Steve and I were having a discussion about lucid dreams and how to tell whether you are having one or not (cause you know how sometimes you're thinking 'this feels like a dream, but I don't wanna do anything crazy cause what if it's not?!' He told me he had heard of a trick that you should look at the time on a clock. If you look away and then look back and the time is different, then you know you are dreaming. Well ever since he's told me that, I have used the technique TWICE in my dreams and it has worked. Just the other night I was in a dream and thought 'this doesn't quite feel like reality, I think I might be dreaming' (which is such a weird sensation when you think about it). So, I scoped out a clock, checked the time, looked away, looked back, and sure enough the clock had a different time! I knew I was dreaming. Cool.

But let's really get to the meaning of this post: I had horrible dreams last night. Not of the lucid kind. In the first part of the dream there were tornados. Lots of them. Huge. And huger. I've always been in awe of footage of tornados and such, but I've had so many dreams of tornados coming towards me, often times there's multiple tornados, in one dream there were about twenty at once. In this dream they started out small as I tried to take pictures of them with my camera as they harmlessly swirled about us. But then they got larger, and larger...and larger. It became nightmarish as I looked out the window to the hotel room Steve and I were staying in and realized there was one coming straight for us. I yelled at Steve to grab Gord from his crib where he was sleeping (because he was pale and ill) so that we could scurry to the basement of the hotel for safe cover. But the nightmare became dreadful when we realized he wasn't there. We didn't know where Gord was. Panic took over. We tried to think of where he could be, who he might be with. We remembered we had some lady from the hotel staying with us to help us take care of him (?) and she was nowhere in sight. We realized that she had kidnapped him. Not knowing it was a dream, my emotions went through something I feel would be similar to how it would feel in reality. I was doubled over in pain, sobbing uncontrollably with Steve at my side. I remember the physical feeling of emotional pain. It was more than horrible. When I finally woke up, it took a moment to realize where I was and that what I had experienced was only a dream. Relief. And when I think back to the events now I wonder how I ever thought it could have been real: Tenth tornado of the day works its way straight toward hotel room where Gord was kidnapped by strange lady hired from hotel to help out.

Dreams are so unbelievable.

*Afterthought: I`m remembering that yesterday when I was at the mall with Gord, I paused at Carlton cards to look at a calendar called Forces of Nature simply because it featured cool pictures of tornados on them. Funny what your subconscious remembers.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

The last supper

Don't worry, you won't find any religiously-charged ramblings here. I'm merely referring to the dinner we had at our friend Laura's new house, to bid farewell to our friend Melinda who will soon reside on the other side of the Atlantic, in a quaint little city called London. The three couples dined on a delicious pasta meal complete with salad and fresh-baked bread. Gord was pleasant throughout the whole thing and allowed me to finish my meal without removing my butt from my seat.

After the little one was in bed, we played some television trivia while sipping on wine (or beer in a couple of the men's cases), and following that Laura decided to put on a movie called "The diary of a mad black woman". This has got to be one of the weirdest movies I've ever terms of style that is. It quickly became dubbed a "comedrama" amongst the group; a serious drama with ridiculously funny scenes intermixed. One guy ends up playing three characters in the movie, one of which is an old black woman who is at the epicenter of hilarity. I think the funniest thing I took away from the movie was her calling the police the "po-po". "Call the po-po, ho!" Aaaah, soooooo funny. I would recommend it if you're in the mood for something different.

After the movie, the three of us ladies ended up doing what we always end up doing when we're together and have consumed a modest amount of alcohol...we reminisced. About our high school years of course, the time where we met, became as close as sisters, and shared the times in our lives that shaped us into the people we are today. I can't relive a great memory from high school without these woman in it. And now one of us is making a big change that will send her further than she's ever been. And I want to wish her luck and all the best in this life-altering experience. She will be greatly missed. But like I already told her, I'm looking forward to sharing some tea and crumpets with her on my first trip to Europe.

But I can't let her, of all people, leave without making at least ONE reference to 'Friends'. Mel, you remember that episode where the friend comes back from living in Europe and suddenly has an accent? If you become her, I'll slap you silly! Never let go of that sexy Canadian accent! ;)

Love ya man, and good luck!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

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