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Saturday, September 23, 2006

You know you've lost your last piece of youth when...

You think to yourself while washing dishes: "Ya know, I should try making a meatloaf for dinner some night..."

??? Who am I?

Saturday, September 16, 2006

News on the Gord front

It has been awhile since I have updated all who are interested on the latest happenings and shinanigans with Gord.

Gord is now two full weeks into daycare and he has adjusted to it really nicely. The three women who work in the infant room are angels and I love them so much already. One in particular seems to have really taken to Gord, and when I come to pick him up I often find him in her lap. It makes me very comforted knowing he is so well taken care of during the day. They are truly amazing with him and he is always happy to see their faces in the morning. There was only one day so far when he cried as I left after dropping him off and it tore my heart out. But on the other hand it feels so amazing when I come to pick him up and he erupts in a fit of giggles and smiles and reaches out for me. Melts the heart I tell ya!

Daycare is going to be a good experience for him I think. The other babies in the room are so cute, all but one are older than Gord. Most can crawl or walk all over the place, so Gord just kind of sits there while the others come up to him. It will be so fun when Gord is mobile, to be able to see what kind of personality he has, whether he plays by himself off to the side or runs around chasing the other babies.

One thing that has shocked me is that Gord has actually taken to drinking formula during the day! He has had up to 9 oz of it so far in one day at daycare. Blew me away. Maybe not the most interesting news in your eyes, but I was flabbergasted.

Now, here is a great piece of news for you: GORD CUT HIS FIRST TOOTH!!!! It is so cute, a little white tooth sticking out on the bottom. It isn't out far yet, but by golly, it's there! And let's just say that tonight I got my first taste of why women give up breastfeeding after their baby cuts teeth. Ouch.

Bad piece of news: Gord has his first fever. :( It started on Thursday off and on. We think it's a teething fever since he doesn't seem sick otherwise. But if it goes on much longer, the doc is getting called in.

Best piece of news: Gord sleeps through the night!!!! That's right! I can now go to bed and not have to get out of it until Gord wakes up at 630-7 in the morning. HOORAY! We attribute this great triumph to three important factors:

1. At Gord's last doc check-up a couple of weeks back, the doc scolded us for giving into Gord's night wakings and feeding him. We knew we were going to quit it soon, but the doc gave us that extra push we needed and we cut him off cold turkey that night.

2. We put the softest blanket in the world that Gord got for Christmas from my uncle and aunt in the crib with him to snuggle with. He loves to bring it up and hold it by his cheek. Too cute.

3. Since many times Gord can be put back to sleep by giving him the soother that he threw to the other end of the crib, we kept the soother clip on him at night. He can now find his soother and put it back in himself.

Two nights after introducing these strategies...sleeping through the night. Well, to be honest, we hear him sometimes wake up and stir in the night, not crying, but he quickly puts himself back to sleep. I can't tell you how heavenly it feels to get more than 4 hours of consecutive sleep after 9 months!!!!

Well, did you get your fix of Gord news? I hope so. And watch out, cause mine's next! Mwah-hah-hah!

Monday, September 11, 2006 a cucumber

Setting the scene: Steve and I both have laptops in our laps in the living room.

Me: "Steve, can you send me that file that I saved on your computer?"

Steve: "Sure, let's turn the computer around and hook up through infrared."

Me: "Okay."

Computers are turned and icon shows up on mine.

Steve: "There it is." Clicks on icon and a window pops up on my laptop. "Hmm...'click on the files you want to send through wireless...' Now, I don't want to send, I want to receive files". Looks back to his computer. "Now how do I send a file...hmmm..." Chin scratching. "Is the icon still there?"

Me: "Nope". Steve moves computer. "Oh wait, there it is."

Steve: "Hmmm..."

Me: "You know, it would just be much faster if you emailed it to me."

Steve: "Well, I was just trying to be cool okay? Infrared!"

Monday, September 04, 2006

Funny things you can do with a baby

Every morning after Gord wakes up, one of us usually grabs him and brings him into our bed to play for a few minutes since we are usually too tired to haul our sorry asses out of bed for the day. Gord finds our room pretty boring and usually doesn't tolerate this for very long, much to our dismay.

Most times I feed Gord right in bed before heading downstairs. This morning I did just that and to make Gord a little more comfortable, I propped Steve's pillow underneath his body. As I flipped Gord to the other side, I smelt a foul odour and knew right away his intestines were no longer sleeping. A few short minutes later he was done and Steve grabbed his pillow and brought it close to his nose. A look of disgust emerged and then the pillow was shoved into my face accompanied by: "Smell this!"

Wow. Who knew a pillow could harbour such a vile stench. I mean, nothing had actually come OUT of the diaper. But I chuckled because it wasn't my pillow. When making the bed this morning, I left off the "pretty" pillows so that it could air out for the day. But I later thought, 'what a great prank to play on your spouse...rub smelly baby on pillow and brace yourself for hilarity'. I'm keeping this one in my back pocket.