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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Don't hate me because I watch The Bachelor...hate me because I love it.

My first post at work. Scandalous. I kinda feel like my brother, except it's not as scandalous because I'm using my lunch 1/2-hour to do it.

Back to the topic at hand:





Come on, don't snicker at me. You know you're a secret addict too. All those men out there, you know who you are. When your friends/girlfriend/family leaves the room you change the channel to catch a few stolen moments of it before you change it back to the WWF wrestling show which you would rather not be watching.

I think I've watched every season, including The Bachelorette versions. I can't really put my finger on what it is about the show that appeals to me. A bunch of single women vying for the attention of one lucky bachelor? Crazy. It doesn't help that this season they are swooning over an Italian prince and think they are all about to become princesses (like they aren't already, if you know what I mean), ready to fulfill "every girl's fairy-tale dream". Gag me, with a spoon if you will. But I'm glued nonetheless. I think it's partially that I know there will be a few "crazies " thrown into the mix, with hilarious results (that one's for you Stevie!)

I somehow convince Steve to watch it with me, but I don't really think I'm convincing him (see above). This year, when I saw the first preview commercial to "The Bachelor: Rome", I said to Steve: "This will give us the perfect opportunity to scope out the scenery in Rome". Because you see, we are trying to plan a European vacation in the next couple years with Rome as Stop #1. So it was the perfect excuse. And it worked. We watched the 2-hour premier last night.

But I have to say, at the end of it I was pleasantly surprised. Out of the 27 beauties to choose from, he chose the more "average" looking women who were sweet, and down to earth. For the most part. There was that one "Socialite" of the bunch. A rich girl with no job other than to socialize apparantly, who told the prince that he should feel flattered because she flew in Coach for the first time ever to meet him. OUTRAGEOUS! Someone kiss that girl's feet! Steve then brought up an interesting point. Why if you are rich with no job you are deemed a socialite, but if you are anybody else you are slapped with the title 'unemployed'? Whuuuh whuuuuh.

But, it was nice. The drunk girl...gone. The Italian "dancer"...gone. Someone, kiss that man's feet!

Sorry, it's all out of my system now.