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Monday, November 20, 2006

It almost turned me into an anti-dentite

So I went to the dentist today. I'm embarrassed to say that it was the first time in 2-3 years, but this was ONLY because I wasn't covered under any insurance for a while. So now that I'm covered again, I went. See the logic in this? Do ya? Should I explain it further?

Well, I know I hadn't been in a while, but I didn't realize that techniques could change so quickly in the field of dentistry. The cleaning with the hygenist was fairly routine. She poked, she probed, she alternated at squirting water and air in my mouth, she scraped, she suctioned spit, she polished, she wiped blood, she flossed, she carefully maneuvered a sharp metal hook and funny round mirror in my mouth at the same time, and perhaps the most important of all traits for a dental hygenist...she talked in a happy, sweet, and soft voice.

Since it was my first time at this dentist, I got the full package complete with mouth x-rays AND one full-head x-ray.

*Aside: I still wonder to this day how it is safe to be giving my head an x-ray yet I have to wear a lead apron that only covers one side of my body. I know there is some completely reasonable scientific explanation, but I don't know it!

Then of course the dentist came in. Super nice guy. But I've never had a dentist rhyme off so much dental jargon in my life! "Engrained biflex on the anterior 2-1, 3-3, and wait, 1-3"* This was slightly disconcerting as I would hope he'd know his teeth numbers down cold by now. I don't think you'd ever find a surgeon in an operating room saying "Okay, let's proceed with removal of the left wait, the right one". Don't worry, I'm fairly confident he really does know his stuff. The way he was talking was complete "geek speak" for dentists.

He examined my mouth and teeth, which was completely normal in my opinion. But then came the unusual part. He grabbed my tongue and pulled it out of my mouth and moved it around. I was so stunned and couldn't help but laugh out loud at this. I mean, this guy was grabbing my tongue!! Weird! I think when I laughed he felt obligated to explain that he was just checking for some unusual growths and not just trying to see how far out my tongue reaches. I'm sure I didn't seem tooooooooo immature. Sheesh. He then proceeded to grab my lips and stretch them in all directions. But the strangeness ended shortly thereafter and the rest of the visit went as expected.

Anyway, that was my crazy experience for the day. And you know what else?...NO cavities! Yay!

*I couldn't remember the real words, so I made up what I could. I try.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

I'm a human kleenex

Gord woke up this morning quite congested and with a flowing nose. It became quite mucousy and I've had to follow him around with kleenex for much of the day. I actually currently have one of those travel kleenex packs sitting in my hoodie front pouch. Gord doesn't like getting his nose wiped by me much and when I'm holding him and he sees the white paper coming towards him he quickly buries his head on my shoulder and wipes from side to side. Nice. My sweater has dry crusty Gord snot lines on it. Nothing feels sexier. Psh.

And don't even mention how I missed my first November blog yesterday. I've already mentally tongue-lashed myself about it. But I'm moving on.

It's Friday night, and Steve and I have just finished watching the complete series of "We Suck Videos". I wish everyone could be priveledged enough to be entertained by a group of awkward and gangly teen boys performing self-written SNL-like skits. Such a kick I tell you! I LMAO every time (I've never used this acronym before and I've always wanted to). Oh, Steve's back with Doritos and V8, another quality dinner...(sorry Mom).

Have a great Saturday all.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sleepy post

Another day, another dollar. Tomorrow's Friday, HOORAY! Got any fun plans for the weekend?

I'm falling asleep as I write this... this nightime blogging has got to stop.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Number seventy-something

Sorry, but it is just too late to write a post (you know, 9:30). Off to bed we are. But, on Steve's recommendation I will leave you with this:

- Gord was just so crazy with his standing/walking practice tonight. He took a couple of big tumbles that required some consoling. At one point in the evening as Steve was giving him his bottle, he became whiny and had a frightened look on his face and climbed up on his shoulder and hugged him tight. It was unlike him to behave like that for no reason. Cute but sad all at the same time.

- We had a blast playing with Gord on the living room floor tonight. He was having fun with a few of his toys and then we put an old ice cream container on his head (just the right size so that it fit nicely like a hat). He would squint as we put it on and then stay super still until he decided to try and pull it off. When he would go for it, Steve and I would rev up in excitement and then when he finally pulled it off we would erupt in cheers and Gord would smile triumphantly and squeal for more. It was just so fun and I was laughing so hard tears were coming down my face.

Have a great night everyone!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

How could I forget?

Gord had a big "moment" yesterday. He was standing behind the couch, clutching to the top, arms reaching up high, when I noticed his hands begin to look like they were letting go. I prepped to catch him in case he fell but his hands quickly grabbed back on.

"Hmmm, that looked like he was doing it on purpose. I wonder if he's trying to see if he can let go and not fall".

And sure enough, he got the courage (and stability) again and he let go. Now don't get too crazy all you people out there. He only stood on his own for about 2 seconds before he got back to the floor. We began clapping and he laughed and looked so proud of himself.

He's getting close folks, he's getting close. One of these days my blog title is going to be: HE CAN WALK!

Watch for it!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Not a great highlight

When I look back on my day, what I remember most about it is when I walked to the ground floor in my work building to grab a coffee from Tim Horton's. The place is always crowded with herds of undergraduates, all the tables full, pilling milling around. As I went to enter the back of the line, I couldn't help but feel my face catch on some type of fresh spider web as if I was crossing some sort of twisted finish line. I immediately started pulling randomly at my face, trying to get it off, but I could feel it move on my hair and I was getting increasingly agitated especially since I feared that the spider that had laid such a fresh web might have somehow been relocated to my head. As I grabbed at my head as if it were a tree that I was picking apples from trying to pull out any remnants of a web, I suddenly became aware of all the people around me. They would have no idea of what I had just encountered and probably made some premature conclusion that I just hadn't taken my proper medication this morning. But as I stood in line I couldn't help but notice the girl infront of me discreetly pulling at her hair. Another web destroyer...that spider must've been pissed.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Finger pointing & getting in the mood (not that kind you sick pervert)

He stole my blog post. So I can't exactly write about the exact same events that took place yesterday. Which is just as well I suppose, since I meant to blog in the earlier hours of the day but have had to put it off until now when I'm a little less likely to have an energetic mind. It doesn't help that I have someone massaging my feet as I write and have just finished off a frosty glass filled with a vanilla ice cream coke float. YUM!

On another note, does anyone else out there have those people in their neighborhood who have gotten in the festive mood a little early? There's always some of them in every community. You know the ones, the day after Halloween they're pulling out their Santa socks and egg nog decanters (okay, to be honest I'm not even sure if there is really such a thing, but I'm sure if there is that these people have one). We have a few eager beavers on our street this year. I've seen two houses with their Christmas lights not only strung up but turned on at night. I have to admit, we even hung our outdoor lights up last weekend but we refuse to turn them on until the first of December and Steve wanted to get it done at a time when he wouldn't have to worry about having one of his digits succumb to the treacherous cold wind. I know someone who always decorates her whole house with her family on Remembrance Day. I can't imagine having our house fully decorated yet. We decorated unusually early last year (in November) but it was for good reason (Gord) and it was a good thing otherwise we wouldn't have had the chance. I think we might start making it a tradition to decorate on Gord's birthday or possibly the day before. I think it would be something exciting for him to look forward to for his birthday as he grows up and it is the perfect time to do it at the beginning of December. Of course we'll have a regular party for him (I heard all you negative birthday/Christmas combo people gasping out there), but it would just be something extra fun.

I don't know about everyone else out there but I'm anxious to get in the Christmas spirit. Looking forward to some holiday music, shopping and of course the festive rum and egg nog that I had to miss out on last year!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Citrus sillyness

After a day of healthy eating (Omlettes, A&W burger, coffee), we have just finished dining on a wonderful meal of sliced oranges (Steve was a humongous pig and had sliced apples too). But for some reason, one of us couldn't stop belching. I won't give away who that 'one of us' is, but let's just say I'm glad that Steve doesn't eat oranges in public very often.

Funny thing huh? Who would've thought oranges would be able to induce this humourous effect. Childish to laugh at it, maybe, but I couldn't help myself.

Don't want to spend too much time writing a post right now, so I'll try to remind myself to write about Gord's exciting day today. Mwah-ha-ha, stay tuned.

Friday, November 10, 2006

On the big screen a tooth is probably the size of your TV at home

So just as mentioned previously, Steve and I went on our second Friday afternoon date to the movies. It was also a nice start to the day when we left the house together in one car, dropped Gord off at daycare, and then went to campus together, where Steve was working for the morning. ...I'm adding way too much detail than I need to here. The point is, we went and saw "Stranger Than Fiction" with Will Farrell playing the lead in this comedy with emotional undertones.

The verdict you ask? In short, it was good. I really enjoyed it and with Will Farrell, any comedic points are not lost. He was fantastic. Although, I have to admit that I couldn't help but notice (with the big screen and all) that Will Farrell has very crooked bottom teeth. As I watched the movie I couldn't help but ponder 'Why does a guy who is obviously loaded with cash not use it to fix something like his crooked, slightly yellow teeth? Especially in the appearance-obsessed movie industry.' I would even wager that the whole process wouldn't be that long or expensive (relatively speaking of course). But then I thought, wow, you have to give a guy like that credit. He's not going to go to all kinds of lengths, extreme or not, to improve his appearance just because he has money. And I think we all remember his hairy chest and belly rolls from his many previous rolls (so many to choose from, he always seems to take off his shirt in movies). But then I thought, well, what if it's more of a career choice to not make these esthetic improvements. I mean, it kinda makes him easier to relate to that way right? A normal guy, crooked teeth, hairy chest, untoned abs. Just like a lot of regular Joes out there (not to insult anybody named Joe out there). Maybe it helps him to get cast in certain rolls. If he was super-beautiful and fit he'd have to compete with all of those sex-symbol actors (*cough* Jake Gyllenhaal*). Either way, I'm still going to give him credit. Will Farrell seems like he would be a genuine down-to-earth kinda guy and DAMN he's funny!

*Coincidentally, Jake's sister Maggie stars alongside Will in this movie.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

You should never spend more time thinking of a title than it takes to write a post

So what's going on with yours truly tonight? Watching some more T.V. and am going to have some tea. I'm determined to have tea because I couldn't have any last night after realizing we had no milk or cream in the house (besides flavoured cream which just does not get along well with Mr. Tea. Ha! Mr. Tea, get it?? Tea? as in 'T'? Mr. T?? Come on folks! ugh, I'm tired).

Due to some extra hours put in at work throughout the week I'm taking the afternoon off tomorrow and going on a date with my hubby. We're going to hopefully grab some lunch and then a movie, all while the cute little boy is having a blast at daycare. Which means that we can go out and have a good time without worrying about him at all and then still being able to pick him up and have some fun quality time afterwards.

Oh, and before I go I have to tell you that we got Gord's picture proofs from his first ever picture day. There are four shots of him sitting with a teddy bear and the series of pics actually looks like it tells a story. As Steve would narrate it:

1. "What am I doing here?" Indifferent look.
2. "Hmm...what's going on?" Bottom lip tucked in.
3. "This sucks." Bottom lip pulled in and frowning.
4. "Wwwhaaa?" Just goofy.

Okay, so it's not a great story but what do you people want from me?

We are definately getting some to hand out to the fam like the proud parents we are. And yes, we will be sure to post them. Maybe I'll scan the proofs.

Whoa, my one-liner post turned into a many-liner. Till next time!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My first cop-out post for the month

You couldn't really expect me to keep up with making lengthy daily posts after weeks of slacking could you? So welcome to my first cop-out post. It's been a long day and soon my two favourite shows are on: Lost and America's Next Top Model (stop laughing as if I haven't mentioned this before). Some tea and popcorn are on my t.v. viewing menu tonight and I'm very excited about it.

But I'd hate to leave you without at least a few interesting pieces of information so here ya go:

-Gord has actually started clapping (he was doing it tonight at his favourite musical cartoon on t.v....yes, we are a lazy, tv-watching family okay?) I got it on video

-Now that his two top 'fang' teeth have sprouted, his two front teeth are trying to come in now. Can't see them yet, but there are some big bulging gums right now and he's biting like crazy. Oh, did I mention I decided we are weaning him now?? What a coincidence! (really though, it kind of is...he seems to love his bottle and does better at it than nursing now anyway.)

I know I said a "few" pieces of information, but sorry, that's all I got. Gord's a stirring right now, gotta run. I'm lying, Steve's running. But I'm signing off anyway. Have a good one all.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The weird thing that happened today and an etiquette lesson

As I proceed with this post, I’m going to assume you’ve already read this.

While I still can’t help but blush at the fact that my husband thinks I have a nice butt, I’m not really sure about how I’m supposed to feel that he can be standing 2cm directly behind me, so close that I’m sure he could smell the body wash I use, and not even realize that it’s me. Wow, I must really blend into the crowd. Except there were no crowds. And I was talking with only one other person. A man. Meaning I was the only female being in sight. Eleven years together, four of them married, and he doesn’t even know when I’m standing directly in front of him…literally. I’ll forgive him I guess. At least I can rest assured knowing he’ll never accidentally grab someone’s ass thinking it’s me.

On a totally unrelated topic, I have a bit of a beef with people who do not understand proper sidewalk etiquette. On my way to my car from my work building I was walking down the right hand of the sidewalk. To paint a picture, it’s raining. Not hard, but enough so that one in every three people is carrying an umbrella. Unfortunately I’m not one of them. Being a university campus, there are always hoards of people walking the sidewalks at any given time. People in pairs and often groups of three walk side-by-side together on the sidewalk so as to keep up some mindless chit-chat as they make their way to their next class. That’s totally fine by me. EXCEPT, if you are going to walk side-by-side in groups of three or more so that you are taking up the entire width of the sidewalk and are about to encounter someone (aka ME) coming in the other direction, the only non-neanderthal thing to do is to have the one person on the end slow and take position behind the other two to let that person pass. It is NOT acceptable to assume that the group of you have the right to engage in an impromptu game of Red-Rover. ESPECIALLY when the one on the end is holding an open umbrella, which is just going to throw the unsuspecting pedestrian (aka ME) even closer to the ditch. Ugh, ignorance. You see, contrary to popular belief ignorance is not bliss, it’s something that makes me want to bonk you over the head with a frying pan.

Monday, November 06, 2006


Just one of those days, ya know? Busy, busy, busy at work and the list of things to do continues to grow. (Dad, I hope you are able to at least smile at this, since it used to be the statement of your life and know you never have to worry about that work crap again!).

And I really hate ending the work day on a bad note. I've been trying to get something to work properly and after a day of going through the processes involved, at the end of the day I realize I still haven't got the outcome I wanted. Bummer.

Ah well. Can't win 'em all right? What was nice was coming home to a smily boy and husband and we played and walked around together. Sometimes when I'm holding Gord on his hips (me on the floor and him standing), I count to three and let go to give him a sense of standing on his own. He used to immediately sway and stumble the moment my hands left his body. But tonight when I did it I was surprised to see that he could hold his balance on his own for a couple of seconds before he started to tumble. He's getting so strong. And heavy. Although I must say he's a little lighter than I expected. Using our scale at home I've estimated that he is about 21 pounds. I definately get a workout carrying him around so much. I actually have bicep bumps for the first time in my life! (How do I know this you ask? Because I flexed in the mirror...that's right dammit! I flexed at myself! Don't even try to tell me that you've never done this before. Especially all you men out there, you're the worst for it!!)

Well, now we're doing some relaxing with some good wine (thanks to sis Kim for getting us onto the Valpolicella). Hope you all had a good Monday.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

My weird breakfast

I distinctly remember a time when I was younger, watching my brother mix together various dinner items left on his plate and being somewhat revolted as I watched it enter his mouth. "How can you eat all that together?" I would ask. And his response was a cool, "Well, it's all going to the same place anyway". Hmmm, he did have a point, although certain foods just didn't seem like they should be tasted together at the same time. But having said that, I do have to give him credit for trying the Dorito and Chef Boyardee ravioli combination. Genius!

Unlike others, I have been known to, on occasion *wink*, visit the local golden arches. On one of our last visits, we acquired a couple of coupons for free McGriddles. Have you heard of these? I had, but did not really know what they were exactly.

WELL! This morning we decided to take a leisurely Sunday drive with some coffees and swung through the McDonald's to redeem our coupons. If you don't already know, a McGriddle is made as follows:

-choice of bacon or sausage
(so far sounding like a traditional Egg McMuffin right?)
-pancake bun infused with maple syrup??!

Yup. Granted, they are all breakfast items. I've many a time had pancakes bacon and eggs. But all together? the same bite? Weird. Luckily I was in the mood to experiment. And you know what? I was pleasantly surprised. The maple syrup pockets in the pancake bun were odd but sweet and good. I'd never thought cheese and pancakes would go together (ontop of egg and bacon as well). But really, come on now, it was all going to the same place anyway.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

A little birthday jab

Happy Birthday to my Mommy today! She is spending the day out shopping with some friends. Which of course means that she is going to spend tomorrow returning everything she bought.


Happy Birthday Mom!!!!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Moments away from bed... where are YOU tonight?

Steve and I fell asleep on the couch watching a movie. He gently shook me awake and said, "Let's go to bed".

"NOOOOOOOOO!", I exclaimed in a groggy tone, rubbing my eyes as exaggerated as Gord does when he hasn't slept in 5 hours. "I first." It was then that I dragged myself over to the computer, unplugged the power cord and began carrying the laptop back to the couch. Unknown to me, the mouse was still plugged in and as I turned to walk away it came crashing to the floor. Steve gave me that look that screams "Kimberly Dawn!", but I think I have a case for claiming I was sleep walking.

So now I sit here writing that ever-important blog post, but realizing that I have nothing spectacular to say. Not too much going on here for the weekend. The cold I got from Gordon is going from bad to worse. If I keep up with the trend of the last few hours, I'm going to have to climb my way out of a mountain of soggy Kleenex in the morning. Sorry, that was disgusting. But true! It sucks when you have to walk around with a grocery bag as your sidekick.

Anyway, knowing Steve is snug in bed by now is making me jealous, so off I go. Till tomorrow.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Is it just me...

Or does anyone else think that Steve is already going to blow his "one-post-a-day-for-a-month" on day 2? It's 9:30, he's out at a bar, and I know he's tired so blogging is going to be the last thing on his mind when he comes home. Oh, our dear Stevie-blogger...should we hold an online intervention??

October flashback

I would be cheating if I didn't at least add something to this post because technically, the pictures belong to yesterday's post. I hope you enjoy the pics, and I forgot to mention one funny tidbit yesterday. Well, as I already mentioned Gord had his "picture day" at daycare yesterday but wouldn't you know it, he wakes up in the morning with a HUGE pimple in the middle of his chin. Red and white t'boot. If you look in the picture where he is wearing the white Halloween sleeper you can see it. We wondered if he was nervous about going to see his peers with the obvious third eye on his chin. Poor guy.

Well, there's really not too much exciting enough to report on here tonight. I'm just vegging on the couch while Steve is out catching a band play (he knows one of the members). Think I'm going to all it an early one tonight (as per usual *sigh*). Have a great one all!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Alien underpants...if only this was that interesting

It's November 1st. I've made it in under the wire with only 3 1/2 hours to go before my plan of posting every day in the month of November went flying out the window. Mel informed me that November is the International blogging month, or something of the sort, during which all bloggers should blog every day of month. We vowed to be each other's support group during this time, and while I'm not delusional and realize that I will more than likely fail miserably, I will still try. Even if it's a measly one-liner.

So onwards with the post. October was a busy month. Babies (my beautiful neice Alexandra), weddings (Steve's cousin), family visits, and yummy and scary holidays, we really had a great time. Unfortunately it was also the month that Gord got his first sickness, a cold. And he just so happened to catch it the night that Steve left for Florida for four days. He's still getting over it, but doing alright. He's pleasant during the day and phleghmy at night. Today was so cute, Gord had "picture day" at daycare. They actually get a professional photographer to do a group shot and then individual pics. But we were told that he had his soother in his mouth during his pictures. Ah well, what can you expect?

I could ramble on forever about all of the things that have been going on with little Gordon, but that would be boring for you so I'll let these pictures speak for themselves.




Grrrr......... After several attempts, I can't get the pictures to load. Kim is upset. So, in an effort to make sure this post occurs before the 1st of November is over, it will be without pictures for the time being. But I will post them soon.