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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Like, what comes after lather?

A paper was posted on the wall in a washroom. It was a six-step instruction guide, complete with pictures, on how to wash your hands.

Step 1: Turn on tap.
Step 2: Wet hands.
Step 3: Apply soap.
Step 4: Lather.
Step 5: Rinse hands.
Step 6: Air dry.

Now I must ask you the question. In what kind of building was this sign posted?

a) an elementary school
b) a psychiatric hospital
c) a prison
d) a university science building

If you answered "D", you should let me in on something, because the last time I checked, if you're in university you should have already aquired the basic skills of hand-washing in one of your previous 14-15 years of school.

I was stunned to walk into a washroom on campus and see this "Hand washing procedures" poster on the wall. Here I was, in a building swarming with students studing for their exams that would bring them one step closer to fulfilling their dreams of becoming doctors, dentists, engineers, and researchers among other professions, and the washroom they use had to post a sign on how to wash your hands in a picture-book style way. I literally stopped and stared at it for a few moments, dumbfounded to be honest.

Suddenly my degree doesn't seem so special anymore... Ho hum.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Thank you Pier 1 credit card!

For being sturdy enough to scrape my windshield so I could get home from work. You really came through!

But unfortunately I will not be using you anymore since I went and bought a "real" scraper. Sorry, I know that hurt. And no, you can't coax me into using you over this Christmas shopping season either, I already gave my word to VISA.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

"Turn or burn"

That was written for a church sign I saw on the way home from my brother and sis-in-law's today.


Sunday, December 03, 2006

Happy 1st Birthday To My Beautiful Boy Gordon

Wow. He's one year old and I can't believe it. The year went by so slow at times (mostly in the first couple months when every night was like a new day) and yet so fast, especially over the last few months. I wish I could convey to you all of the most wonderful moments I've had with Gordon over the past year, but there are too many and most of them can't be put into words, for they've left a very special kind of impression on my heart. And now here we are, on a very momentous day in his life. To be technically correct, he's celebrating his second birthday, for a year ago was the first true birth day. But we decided not to get technical and had a blast celebrating his "first" birthday.

The day was full of family, friends, food, cake, balloons, streamers, and of course, presents! Gord was so full of excitement that he had a hard time napping today, which left him a little cranky at times, but he was easily distracted by everything going on around him. We were lucky enough to have my brother and sis-in-law come to visit with my beautiful baby niece Alex and it was fun seeing Gord trying to pet her head while I cautiously repeated "gentle, gentle". So cute. I guess the best way to get the picture of the day across is to do just that, post the pictures.

Happy birthday Gordon! Mommy loves you so much!