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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

If you were to take an exam on "Gordon", you should probably study this:

Physical data:

- weighs 23 lbs 12 oz.
- head to heel length of 32 in.
- about 10 teeth (it seems to be increasing daily...)

Favourite hobbies:

- running all over
- getting chased
- being tickled
- singing "eee-i-eee-i-ooooooooooooooo" at random times of the day
- watching Rogers-on-demand baby videos
- reading "Hoot hoot", the book that will teach your infant all about the birds and the bees (thanks you-know-who!).
- talking. The daycare teachers always comment how much he babbles (in a way that makes me feel likes it's abnormally lots...)
- playing "peek-a-boo" (with fingers on one hand completely spread to expose an eye...that he thinks we can't see)
- climbing, oh god, the climbing

Things that raise his cuteness factor:

- the way he picks out a new stuffed animal friend from his bookcase every morning or awakening from nap
- the big hugs, cuddles and kisses to the stuffed animals
- the big open-mouthed kisses to mom and dad
- the way he's started to say "mum" (no mummy)
- how he'll grab his "Gordon's day" paper after daycare, stare at it intently and begin jibber-jabbering as if he's reading right off the paper.
- chasing the Dude and laughing at him whenever he gets within reach. And also the way he pets him so gently.

New tricks:

- walking around drinking his sippy cup with no hands and his head thrown completely back like he's balancing something on his forehead
- diving into the ball tent
- sticking out his tongue and pointing to it when you ask him where his tongue is

Vocabulary: (other than the ones previously mentioned)

- car, baby, moo, teeth (sounds like "heesh"), kitty, puppy, Maya (the cute girl at daycare!), ta ta (this is his newest one and says it after we tell him it to stop touching something. He mocks us already! Great!)

Study hard, you may have a pop-quiz someday.


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