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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Some people on my street still have their Christmas lights up

And they need to move on. Speaking of moving on, here is a post from me. (Did you know I'm a segue artist?).

So...happy New Year? It's been a while. As you've already seen on Steve's blog (the bastard, he always beats me to the punch), Gordon is WALKING! Full-fledged walking. He's into everything these days and tests our limits (and patience) as to what he is allowed to get away with. He's becoming such a big boy and it's amazing how fast he's growing. This weekend we plan to give him his very first haircut. A momentous occasion, but I'm a little nervous given my history with nail clippers... We considered using the clippers on him but the thing is so dang loud we figure it might instill a life-long fear of haircuts and we'll end up with a son lost under a mountain of hair.

Gord also talks a lot more these days. I'll give you a quick break-down of his vocabulary:

"bub-ba" (where the "ba" is high-pitched) = bottle
"ba ba" = ba ba black sheep
"baby" = baby
"dad-di" = guess who?
"bam-pa" = grandpa
"bye" = bye
"cah" = car

He's just cute. What more can I say?

So...I don't really think I should recap Christmas since it happened a month ago, but I will say that the gift buying for Steve was a bust again and he brought back the main gift I got him and put it towards a nice guitar (acoustic with electric plug in). This actually works out well for me in the end because now we have two guitars in the house and Steve's long-time goal of teaching me to play the guitar is becoming more of a reality since it's a lot easier to learn with both of us playing. I've learned several more chords (in addition to the measly three I had mastered years back) and have learned some basic strumming technique. I need tons of practice but it's fun. Hey Ann, how are those guitar lessons coming? Hopefully we can jam together next time we hook up huh?

Another hobby I took up on the holidays was crocheting. My mom taught me how when I was in Sudbury and it's really pretty cool. The main reason I wanted to learn was so I could make baby blankets for all of the kiddies that I hope friends and family will be having in the near future. I have yet to make one so I kinda pity the baby who gets my first attempt and weaving yarn into something snuggle-worthy.

Anyway, I don't want to leave this post without making some type of comment on the president's state of the union address last night. Was I the only one who heard the line that went something like this:

"We have to uphold our melting pot values and welcome and assimilate all newcomers".


Did the Bush speech writer miss every episode of Star Trek that featured the "Borg" who "assimilated" every civilization they encountered and turned them into obedient "drones". I just kinda laughed at the comment because to me it didn't sound like a positive statement in the least. I still remember in elementary school learning the difference between Canada's "cultural mosaic" and America's "melting pot". I always thought our system sounded so much more pleasant, where people from other parts of the world could come to Canada and still retain the values and cultures that made them who they are as opposed to being "assimilated" and losing all of their original identity. Okay, I just made a reference to star trek and that's both sad and wrong.

Goodnight all. Don't be a stranger now, ya hear?